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The Psycho-Mathematics of Surprise

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Surprises are memorable, but that’s not always a good thing.

The 49-Cent Tip


Have you ever written to a CEO or company president about the service you receive at the hands of their employees? I do it all the time, and seldom to complain. In fact, I keep four or five stamped envelopes in my briefcase when I travel, and I replenish the supply regularly.

Tell Me a Story


My mother was a journalist and my father was a seaman. Dad told better stories. Mom was sensible, forthright and logical. Dad had sea monsters, pirates, and a dozen different versions of how he came to have a wooden leg.

Signature Brasil Welcomed Into Our Licensee Family


We recently welcomed our newest licensee partners from Curitiba, Brazil, and to say we had a great time would be putting it mildly! Rita DiPaolo, Director of Licensee Services at Signature Worldwide, made the long trip to South America to make sure our Brazilian friends were ready to dive into Training that Sticks!

Employee Engagement, It’s All About Perspective

dead poets society

Attracting and retaining top talent (high performers) is essential in 2014 to the success of the life of an organization. We are challenged to define employee engagement within our own organizations and to understand what drives engagement for our high performers.

The Fish Broker’s Secret

fish guy

I love to ask, “Who was that person?”

Queue and A


I detest queues. In fact, I dislike the concept that anyone should be asked to stand in line, ever, anywhere, for anything.

Dave's Fables: Proactive Sales Magic


Responding to what a customer is saying word-for-word can often create false expectations.  This result is especially true during the sales process and can lead to the incorrect notions of blue skies, intimate dining, and endless availability; just to name a few of the pitfalls.  

Six Steps to Becoming a Thought Leader


The world is full of self-proclaimed ‘gurus’, experts, and talking heads. They pop up daily on television and radio, on the Internet, at conferences, in trade magazines, and even in hometown newspapers. Some are well-known due to their success with high-profile clients, some write books, while others are merely “famous for being famous” – people adept at the art of self-promotion. 

Signature congratulates The Pierre for their Five Stars!


The Pierre, A Taj Hotel, in the heart of New York City, has just earned the distinguished honor of being named a Five-Star Hotel by Forbes. The historic property is situated at the corner of 61st and Park Avenue and boasts views of the Upper East Side and Central Park. While The Pierre is a new addition to Forbes’ prestigious list, the hotel has been the place to be seen since the early 1920's where the crème de la crème regularly hosted ladies’ luncheons. debutante calls and high-society weddings.

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