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I love poker, but I’m not especially good at it. In Las Vegas, I’d be just getting comfortable in my chair when disaster would strike.

The Scoring Experience


Today's guest blog post is by Susan Palur, a Call Center Team Leader in charge of our discerning scoring department.

Essence of a Leader


When a company executive proclaims that he or his firm is a leader, I admit to being skeptical, and ask a simple question: “Who says?”

Signature Spotlight: Scott Gregg


Today, we're shining the spotlight on one of our talented Coaches (and major hockey enthusiast!), Mr. Scott Gregg!

Social Selling – Creating a Profitable Plan in Six Easy Steps

social selling

A lot has been written about social media.  It easily falls into the category of information overload.  So, how do you whittle this down to those actions that will get you the most return for your time spent?  If you make your living selling, there are six steps you can take to create a successful social sales plan.

Stand Up!


Never underestimate the power of standing up. We are taught that standing up is an expression of civility and a matter of etiquette, but the practice is rooted in the ages-old battle for power and dominance. 

Q&A: Scott H. Lewis appears on Espresso TV (video)


Scott H. Lewis, managing director for the CIS region of Signature Europe, is a trainer, writer and speaker living for 13 years in Kyiv, Ukraine. You recognize his name from the many blog posts he has written on our Training That Sticks blog. Here he appears on the Espresso TV program Q&A with Anastasia Melnyk to discuss business opportunity in Ukraine.

Dave's Fables: Building a Rock-Solid Sales and Service Foundation (video)


Dave Hamilton shares four things you need to understand to construct a strong base for your business.

Mystery Shopper - A mysterious job that transports its workers to the corners of the world.


Today's post is a guest blog from Julie Seifert, a Call Center Team Leader with loads of imagination!

Five Service Tips Mama Taught You


There’s no disputing that providing great service day-in and day-out takes work, focus and the desire to continuously improve.  Yet the basics are as simple and straightforward as the rules your mother taught you when you were a child. 

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Current Articles | RSS Feed RSS Feed

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