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Dave's Fables: Building a Rock-Solid Sales and Service Foundation (video)


Dave Hamilton shares four things you need to understand to construct a strong base for your business.

Mystery Shopper - A mysterious job that transports its workers to the corners of the world.


Today's post is a guest blog from Julie Seifert, a Call Center Team Leader with loads of imagination!

Five Service Tips Mama Taught You


There’s no disputing that providing great service day-in and day-out takes work, focus and the desire to continuously improve.  Yet the basics are as simple and straightforward as the rules your mother taught you when you were a child. 

Message in a Bottle


The bottle was old, its glass scratched and worn by weeks of exposure to sand, sea and South Pacific sun. Yet it was still tightly stoppered, and a shake elicited a dry rattling sound. Something within awaited my discovery!

Winning Over Non-Native Speakers


In university, I briefly took a geography course from a professor whose English was heavily accented with his native Italian. Try as I might, I just could not follow the lectures, and dropped the course. I liked the subject, but it was more frustration than I needed.

The New 'No'


When in Jamaica on holiday, a smiling hotel front desk agent assured me in his local patois that an early check-in would be, “no problem, mon.”

Signature Cue-Tips™- the Movie!

describe the image

Did you know that on average, adults forget more than 80% of what they learn within 30 days?  When you work for a training solutions company focused on getting results for our clients, forgetfulness can be a real challenge!

Top-Down Service

fast food

Working the late-night shift in an American fast-food restaurant can, understandably, lead to boredom.  The cleaning is done, there are few customers to attend to, and the staff – the minimum-wage cook, cashier, and busboy on duty – will easily find unproductive ways to amuse themselves.

Confession of a Tree Hugger


Is everyone in your business a ‘tree hugger’?

The Elevator Speech


“When you’re not doing anything else, build the business,” was the best advice I ever got from a supervisor. This became my mantra. There was no longer any such thing as “nothing to do.” While others were taking a break, I looked for ways to make myself indispensable.

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