Introducing Signature Cue-Tips™ Powered by Count 5®

Watch the video below to learn more about our new innovative reinforcement tool:

Did you know that you will forget over 80% of everything you learned in a training class within 30 days? Regardless of how powerful and motivating a training class has been, and despite your best intentions to change your behavior, without reinforcement, training begins to fade away the very next day!

The solution? Signature Cue-Tips™ – training reinforcement at your fingertips!

devicesEach week after training, you will receive a notification on your PC or tablet (or smartphone) that your Cue-Tip has arrived. You won’t get an email – you already get too many of those – we notify you of your Cue-Tip with a unique delivery system that won’t get lost in all of the noise of your email inbox.

Your Cue-Tips consist of small, bite size training reinforcement components. Sometimes these arrive in the form of a question, some times in the form of a training tip. Each tip is designed to reinforce the learning that took place during the training session, and to ensure the training sticks! The tips only take a few minutes to consume – and they are improving job performance every time.

Why Signature Cue Tips?

  • TIME IS MONEY: Cue Tips let you read brief reinforcement items in your spare time without pulling you away from your job, making you more effective without impacting your productive time.
  • PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT: Top performing athletes always make time to practice. Our tips provide you with the reinforcement required to help make important information “top of mind” so you remember to use it when in front of customers.
  • ONLINE TRACKING MEASURES RESULTS: The online reporting allows you to see who is participating and how well they understand the content they have learned.

Sample Online Reporting

Signature Cue Tips reporting1

Signature Cue Tips reporting3

Signature Cue Tips reporting2